Nassau County’s Best Maid Service

Nassau County’s Best Maid Service

When your home needs cleaning and you just simply do not have the time nor the effort to do it, Raindrop Cleaning Services are the only company in the Nassau County that you can count on. The only company that is guaranteed to get that job done.


If you’ve hired a maid from another company before then you might have had the following experiences:

  • Sloppy work that you have to go over again yourself. Wasting both your time and money.
  • They might make things look tidy, but they neglect the tough cleaning work that actually matters.
  • They are slow. You’re sitting there waiting, you have places you need to be. But the maid is taking far too long.
  • You’re told that the maid will be there at a certain time but she lives nowhere near Nassau County and once again… you’re just left there waiting.


Not at Raindrop Cleaning Services.

We provide a premium and specialized cleaning services catering to the Long Island and area. So we’re more than familiar with the Nassau County area.


What makes us different?

  • We provide a timed service, with different packages and deals by the hour; starting at 3 hours and working up to 8 hours of deep cleaning! This way, there will never be any waiting around for the slow, incompetent maid to finish. Our highly experienced and expert staff will be in and out in exactly the time period that you specify. No more waiting around!
  • We pride ourselves in our stellar customer satisfaction. This is not an accident. You don’t receive the kind of reviews and testimonials that we do without giving an amazing service and experience. Our entire business is built on providing the utmost maid cleaning service. No more shoddy work. You get only the very best with Raindrop Cleaning Services.
  • Every room in your home will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. No lazy tidying and making things just appear We make sure your home is sparkling.
  • We actually service the Nassau County area.


What else do we offer?

Apart from the standard home clean, our maids also offer more specialized services such as a moving in/moving out clean, commercial office cleaning and of course, our very popular carpet cleaning service.

Keeping your carpets clean and pristine is paramount. It just can’t be avoided.

Your Nassau Home will never be as nice as you know it could be if you have dirty, smelly carpets.

Most other companies just do not offer a carpet cleaning service as thorough as we do at Raindrop.

We are fully capable of handling your carpet cleaning needs, with both personnel and specific equipment to tackle the job.

Having your carpets cleaned by us regularly can save you money in the long run. Replacing carpets can be atrociously expensive. Day to day, carpets gather all kinds of bacteria, dirt and other nasty chemicals that drastically reduce their life. Thus them needing them to be replaced.

Let Raindrop Cleaning Services handled your Nassau home and your carpets and you could actually be saving money!